Meet The ENTRE Team

ENTRE Institute is an online education company that's on a mission to disrupt the traditional education system and usher a new generation of ‘ENTREpreneurs’ into the world. We provide our students with the complete ecosystem they need to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur, including digital courses, coaching, community, tools, events, and more.
Jeff Lerner
Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)

From broke jazz musician to successful entrepreneur, Jeff embodies the ENTRE way and is a prime example of how getting the right information and education will allow you to develop the skills you need to create your awesome life.

After reshaping his own life around the 3 Ps of Excellence - Physical, Personal and Professional - Jeff shifted his focus to educating and inspiring entrepreneurs about the true power of entrepreneurship by co-founding ENTRE and creating a platform for us to deliver the education and resources for our students to create or level-up their own lives and businesses. When he’s not focused on helping ENTRE’s team and students create their awesome life, he’s out enjoying the awesome life he’s built for himself with his family...and of course, never straying too far from the piano.

Adam Whiting
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Full-time husband and father and part-time golf aficionado, Adam is the visionary leader behind the scenes, using the expertise he has gained from his 10+ years’ experience in the digital marketing and software space to take ENTRE from scrappy start-up to quickly emerging as one of the fastest growing online education companies in the world.

Adam hit a hole in one when he utilized his keen understanding of what it takes to operate a successful business by leading the charge on the development and launch of Entresoft, a full suite of tools developed to simplify managing many of the functions required to operate a successful business.

Kameron George
Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Kam wasn’t always a serial entrepreneur. In fact, about 11 years ago he was a skinny journeyman electrician when he was first exposed to the idea of digital marketing. After years of relentlessly chasing every system, “guru”, trick and hack - he finally put the pieces together and changed his life. Now? His passion is sharing what he has learned – the good and the bad, helping people discover another way of life. When he isn’t curating content, developing courses that will help take ENTRE students to the next level, or analyzing data like a scientist, Kam can usually be found beachfront with his family, or in the mountains somewhere with a snowboard strapped to his boots.

Joe Shurtz
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Joe has answered the call to lead ENTRE in revolutionizing entrepreneurial education Drawing on his 20+ years’ of industry experience and embodying ENTRE’s goal of excellence in everything we do, Joe keeps focused on investing in people, systems and technologies to create new boundaries in our pursuit of excellence. Nothing is more rewarding to Joe than supporting and witnessing the life-changing transformations of our students. When Joe is not thinking about educational outcomes, he can be found...just kidding! That’s all Joe ever thinks about. (Well, that and the occasional fantasy about going on a world-tour with a European Melodic Rock band.)

Raul Hernandez
Chief Revenue Officer

Growing up in the San Diego startup scene and working with some of the world's largest brands, Raul followed his entrepreneurial spirit when he left the corporate world to found and help grow several companies. His journey has led him to working with some of today's most influential industry players and training hundreds of entrepreneurs before joining ENTRE's team where he maintains his primary focus of helping businesses scale, plain and simple. Responsible for ENTRE's revenue-generation strategies and initiatives, Raul is an incredibly wise arbiter and master at facilitating integration and alignment across ENTRE's sales and marketing teams. When he's not focused on revenue, you might find him down at the beach sharpening his surfing skills or spending time with his wife, puppo and new baby boy!

Jon Benson
Director of Copy and Persuasion

Born to biological parents in Ugasandor, Malaysia, Jon Benson began his career at the age of 4 tending sheep and fur-bearing mammals. His father, Akkmar Hollester Benson, invented the manhole cover. None of that was true… as far as you know. However, Jon is well-recognized as one of the top copywriters and sales copy strategists in the world. He is also the creator of the video sales letter, which ushered in a new form of selling on the Internet. To-date, Jon’s VSLs have generated over $12 billion dollars in sales for hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses, and $1.2 billion in sales specifically for his customers and clients, making him one of the most successful copywriters in history. How fortunate are we to have the Copy God himself working with our copywriting and marketing teams and bringing unparalleled value to our community members?

Todd Campbell
Chief Transformation Officer

Todd is dedicated to his purpose of empowering others to live their best lives - NOW! As a survivor of Stage 4 cancer, Todd has experience in dealing with even the biggest obstacles that life may send your way. After having spent the last 15 years working with high-level executives, companies, military personnel, professional athletes, cancer patients and individuals from all walks of life, Todd has joined forces with ENTRE to develop the systems and support required to redefine, redesign and recontextualize ways to help ENTRE’s students create their awesome life.

Lana Clark
Director of Human Development

Our ambassador of all things ‘People’, Lana doesn’t just spend her days heading up ENTRE’s talent acquisition efforts to find top notch value-aligned talent, she oversees all of our HR functions and cultivates an environment that enables team members to thrive both personally and professionally. The possessor of a unique superhero-like talent to develop leaders who in turn create incredible impact and value in the ENTRE organization. In her down time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. If you have never heard a Russian speaking native Ukrainian-turned-Texan say “Y’all!” you’re in for a treat.

Christian Bir
Paid Traffic & Ad Manager

Appropriately labeled our in-house analytics freak, Christian’s direct response marketing experience helps him practice his level-ten-ninja-wizardry to bring predictive modeling to ENTRE’s ad campaigns, helping ENTRE achieve its mission by getting in front of the right people at the right time. When he’s not drowning himself in data and finding ways to improve, he enjoys spending some time with his wife and three children, as well as the occasional glass of whiskey.

Jessie Sotomayor
Paid Media Marketing Manager

An expert in the ever-changing world of Facebook advertising and 13 year veteran of the digital marketing industry, Jessie has transformed our lead generation efforts. His prolific customer acquisition process has led to predictable sales that scale on demand and help enable ENTRE to reach more people. When he’s not developing new growth opportunities, you can find him enjoying quality time with his family and hunting for the best local taqueria. He can tell you all the good taquerias within a 50-mile radius.

Matt Boland
Director of Sales

From Navy Electronics Technician working on SH-60 Seahawk helicopters to becoming a successful entrepreneur himself, Matt is also a veteran of the digital marketing space. With experience on both the Corporate and entrepreneurial side of operations, Matt brings his unique experience and leads arm in arm with his team of Enrollment Advisors and Specialists. Matt’s focus on exceeding expectations and continuous improvement is evident every day as he teaches and mentors his team to ensure their ongoing pursuit of excellence in their work. When not developing new ways to improve our student experience, Matt can be found camping, traveling or enjoying time with his family.

Jeff Montreuil
Enrollment Advisor Manager

As the first student to come on board to work with ENTRE, Jeff works side-by-side with the Enrollment Advisor team to ensure that our student onboarding process exceeds expectations, solidifying student engagement while working alongside students at the beginning of their educational path with ENTRE. Utilizing the skills he’s acquired from his education and his 20+ years’ experience as a Leader, Manager and Coach (and let’s be honest, serving in the Army National Guard helps too), Jeff takes pride in leading by example and delivering consistent and quality support. When he’s not helping set ENTRE students up for success, he can be found spending time outdoors with his family and just enjoying life.

Angie May
Operations Manager

With an education in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and her experience working in higher education, Angie has coupled her expertise with her natural problem solving skills and applies a “boots on the ground” approach to supporting ENTRE’s team members. Angie focuses on ensuring team members are well equipped with the resources needed to successfully deliver ENTRE’s products and services and best support our students on their entrepreneurial journeys. We are pretty sure Angie applies many of these same skills at home with her son and daughter...who we are certain will be future ENTRE success stories.

Aaron Fraser
Digital Marketing, Curriculum Development and Training

A natural-born action sports enthusiast, Aaron embraced his passion as he reached a professional level, but was sidelined after several injuries. Between the injuries and some false beliefs, Aaron was convinced that there was no way he could build a career around his passion until he discovered the power of marketing and messaging. Embracing his new-found passion several years ago, Aaron still lives full-throttle while focusing on awakening others to the possibility that they can create a career that revolves around their own passions. And if that isn’t impressive enough, he can wiggle his ears too!

Rob Thomas
Head Coach

Addicted to excellence in all areas of his own life, Rob has harnessed his own training and experience to help hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs master digital sales and marketing as a Coach, Trainer and Speaker. Rob joined forces with ENTRE where he focuses on helping our students create their own awesome lives, and cultivating a Coaching team dedicated to the same mission. Rob married way out of his league, and enjoys being a husband and father to three beautiful children. If the internet disappeared tomorrow, you would find this adventure addict wrestling alligators or breaking records building the world’s tallest Lego skyscrapers.

Rob Leahy
Advanced Course Manager

Rob has been leading and inspiring individuals and corporate teams to realize their greatest potential and visions through leadership classes and transformational seminars since 2005, and has facilitated workshops and effectively coached individuals in overcoming obstacles and limiting belief systems in order to achieve extraordinary results. Joining ENTRE in 2021, Rob is an integral in delivering ENTRE’s Leadership Events. Prior to his path of personal development Rob’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to ownership of multiple businesses he has had the great fortune of working on several exclusive projects for some of Seattle's rock and roll royalty. Rob and his wife Jennifer have known each other since childhood and hail from the same New Jersey town. They split their time between New Jersey and Montana, and they are raising three boys jointly with their father. They share a love of travel, outdoor pursuits, great food, athletics and dogs.

Allie MacDonald
Event Manager and Inner Circle Liaison

As a motivated entrepreneur herself, Allie has focused her energy, eye for detail and the skills she’s developed over the past 4+ years as a public speaker, course creator, builder of her own women’s leadership company and affiliate marketing business to support ENTRE’s Inner Circle students at the highest level. Events being such an impactful part of her own entrepreneurial journey, Allie embraces her natural talents and her passion to shape and deliver immersive experiences as part of ENTREs Events team. This dog mom, travel lover and fitness enthusiast can often be found exploring in the mountains or planning her next trip.

Chelsie Paulson
Brand Director

A political and megabrand powerhouse who has built some of the most influential voices online, Chelsie believes brands who have a true purpose can make a real impact on the world. Now focused on supporting ENTRE on its journey to leave its impact on the world, Chelsie has put her mastery of social media and online tools to work. After living in Australia for six years, she didn’t pick up an Aussie accent, but she is now fluent in the Queen’s English.

Asad Babur
Lead Technical Project Manager

Harnessing his obsession for all-things-techie, Asad is the conductor of implementation, bringing many of ENTREs technical projects from concept through to fruition. Leveraging gamification in the workplace, his team gets more done in less time and has fun while doing it. It’s no wonder he’s a seasoned triathlete, who loves to run, ride and swim!

Jordan Nyhof
Digital Syndication Lead

A modern day jack-of-all-trades with a passion for technology, Jordan holds the reins of the ENTRE content machine, managing the production, organization and syndication of content across social media channels. When he isn’t developing unique systems to support our workflows, he can be found tinkering on his next DIY project or just kicking back, spending time with his lovely wife.

Hilary Russell
Agency Course Instructor

With the skills she’s acquired and mastery she’s developed over the last decade working in the digital marketing industry, coaching Agency owners from around the world and running her own boutique Agency, Hilary is a key member of ENTRE’s team and can be found sharing her knowledge and providing mentorship to support ENTRE students in building their own digital agencies. When she isn’t discovering and testing new strategies, Hilary can be found hiking through US National Parks with her fiancé and her son in tow.

Chief Kissing Officer (CKO)

Since joining ENTRE in 2020, all of our days have been a little bit brighter. The total embodiment of the 3Ps of Excellence, she lives her life the ENTRE way. Lola spends most of her days keeping a watchful eye over the ENTRE team from her favorite chair, where she can observe every Zoom meeting, frequently encouraging team members. When she isn’t screening visitors at the door or handing out kisses freely to coworkers and visitors alike, Lola can usually be found napping at the feet of our Compliance Manager (or sometimes chasing the cat).

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