The ENTRE Story

ENTRE Institute is an online education company that's on a mission to disrupt the traditional education system and usher a new generation of ‘ENTREpreneurs’ into the world. We provide our students with the complete ecosystem they need to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur, including digital courses, coaching, business accelerators, community, tools, events, and more.

We believe that entrepreneurship is the key to unlocking the best possible quality of life for millions of individuals, and it will be a catalyst for a much-needed shift in culture - a shift toward self-determination, individual responsibility, and independent thinking. Simply put, we believe that by helping create successful ENTREpreneurs, we are changing the world.

ENTRE Institute was officially launched in early 2019, by seasoned entrepreneurs and founders Jeff Lerner and Adam Whiting had already been laying the groundwork of the company for over a decade. After spending years learning how to overcome their own physical, personal, and professional obstacles in the pursuit of excellence, Jeff and Adam wanted to help others do the same while avoiding some of the mistakes they’d made along the way.

But it wasn’t until Jeff began posting videos about his own struggles with our modern education system - specifically, its deficiencies with respect to preparing and empowering students to succeed in the modern world - that he realized there was a real need for a brand new approach. “I was receiving comments from people from all walks of life, about how our education and university system hadn’t prepared them for the day-to-day struggles of the real world in the 21st century”, says Jeff.

Before long, ENTRE’s soon-to-be founders had come to the realization that there was a substantial lack of clarity on how to truly get ahead in the new economy. They’d experienced - firsthand - how transformative the information age had been in helping them change their own lives, but on the other side, they saw the snail’s pace at which modern education systems were catching up.

Most importantly, they recognized how a truly disruptive approach to education in this digital age could give people from all walks of life the leverage they’d need to build a successful future. They wanted to develop an entire ecosystem of self-immersive education that didn’t just teach arbitrary concepts, but first helped the student understand the “why” and the “how” in order to create a customized learning plan for success, followed by investing actual time and resources in supporting the student through the implementation of what they were learning.

As a result, the two founders tapped into their collective experiences and set out to bootstrap an online education company to fill that gap.

Since those humble beginnings, ENTRE Institute has maintained a circular vision and mission that has helped them become one of the fastest - growing private education companies in the world. Our mission is “Empowering people to achieve physical, personal, and professional excellence through entrepreneurial education”. Through our mission, we strive every single day to achieve our vision of “A world where an awesome life is achievable by anyone committed to excellence”.

But in order to make all of this a reality, we’ve created a system of core values to empower all ENTRE members - from our students, to our staff, to our founders, and everyone in between - to live by on a daily basis.

ENTRE Core Values

In order to make all of this a reality, we’ve created a system of core values to empower all ENTRE members - from our students, to our staff, to our founders, and everyone in between - to live by on a daily basis.
We live by choice,
not by chance

ENTRE members are those who want to live intentionally, and this reflects in how they show up to tackle every single day.

We strive for excellence
in everything we do

We empower each other to do everything - the physical, the personal, and the professional - at the highest standard. We are always trying to excel and improve on who we were yesterday.

We practice
thoughtful communication

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

We push each other - not with hard firsts - but with soft hands, and always with good intentions.

We eagerly do
hard things well

The chasm of comfort erodes people’s potential. We’re excited to do hard things, and we recognize that growth equals progress, and progress equals happiness.

And lastly - We have fun,
and get s#%$ done!
We move fast,
learn fast, grow fast

Success loves speed, and in our modern economy, speed is not only essential - it’s vital.

We attack problems
and find solutions

Every problem has an undiscovered avenue that can lead to a solution, no matter how imperfect.

We build with
a legacy in mind

We believe that it’s the responsibility of every ENTRE member to leave behind a legacy of excellence.

We take daily,
disciplined action

We believe strongly in the compound effect of showing up every day.

We are obsessed
with improvement

We are always reaching for that next target in the pursuit of bettering ourselves.

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